PVC Clear Vinyl Tubing


PVC Spiral Suction Hose with top quality


Used for coveying water,oil and powder,abrasive mineral sands,gravel,cement, construction, mining, and agricultural.


  • Tube: High Quality PVC
  • Cover: High Quality PVC with green or other colors
  • Reinforcement: Rigid PVC Helix Reinforced Spiral.

Working Temperature:

Working Temperature: -10°C / +65°C


  • Different color: Blue, Green, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Orange, etc.
  • Customized color as your request.


  • Anti-abrasion,anti-corrosion,anti-aging;
  • Super flexible,small bending radius,light weight;
  • Smooth tube and excellent water supply and draining efficiency;
  • High abrasion resistance and easy to transfer power.

Photo Show:


Specialized Colorful PVC Air Hose


PVC air hose is widely used in pneumatic tools, pneumatic washing apparatus, compressores, engine components, machine service and civil engineering equipments.


Being made of tough PVC materials and high-strength polyester filament, this hose can work under very high working pressure. It is light, flexible, durable, anti-erosion and explosion resistant.

  • Tube: Black PVC Material
  • Cover: Smooth Colorful PVC Material
  • Reinforcement: High tensile synthetic yarn braided or spiraled
  • Color: Black, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red, etc.
  • Size: 1/4″~2″

Working Temperature:

Working temperature: -10° C / +65° C

Pictures of PVC air hose:

PVC reinforced hose

PVC Reinforced Hose

Today we bring a very practical PVC reinforced hose to you. Now let us introduce this product in detail for everyone.


The product is used for conveying water, oil, petrol, gas under normal working condition in the factory, farm, ship, building and family.


It is flexible, durable, non-toxic, odourless, stretching resistant, ageing resistant and adaptable to high pressure condition. It looks more beautiful by adding colorful symbol lines on the surface.

  • Tube: PVC Material
  • Cover: PVC Material
  • Reinforcement: High tensile synthetic yarn braided
  • Working temperature: -10°C / +65°C

Transparent PVC Reinforced Hose:

Colorful PVC Reinforced Hose:

2019 Sunhose

New Year’s Sharing from Sunhose

About Sunhose:

  • Age: Sunhose is founded in 2000, 19 years old now.
  • Identity: Sunhose is a professional manufacturer and exporter.
  • Feature: Sunhose have excellent engineers and designers for the ODM and OEM orders.

Sunhose Products:

  • PVC Hose: PVC Layflat Hose, PVC Steel Wire Hose, PVC Clear Reinforced Hose, PVC Garden Hose, PVC Air Hose, PVC Clear Hose, PVC Spiral Suction Hose, PVC Spray Hose, PVC Twin Welding hose, PVC Gas Hose, PVC Shower Hose, etc.
  • Rubber Hose: Rubber Water/Air Hose, Rubber Fuel/Oil Hose, Rubber Oxygen/Acetylene Hose, Rubber Suction Discharge Hose, Rubber Twin Welding Hose, etc .
  • Hydraulic Hose: 1SN/100R1AT Hydraulic Hose, 2SN/100R2AT Hydraulic Hose, DIN EN 857 1SC Hydraulic Hose, DIN EN 857 2SC Hydraulic Hose, 100R16 Hydraulic Hose, 100R17 Hydraulic Hose; 4SH / Four Spiral Hydraulic Hose, 4SP/Four Spiral Hydraulic Hose, SAE 100 R9 Hydraulic Hose, 100R12 Hydraulic Hose, 100R13 Hydraulic Hose, 100R15 Hydraulic Hose, etc .

2019 Target & Wishes:

  • Keeping our lead market position and giving the best quality and service to our customers.
  • Improving production efficiency and developing more new products.
  • Trying our best to make export amount be double compared with 2018.
  • Fighting! Sunhose!
PVC Steel wire Suction Hose

Christmas Show – PVC Steel Wire Hose

Merry Christmas!

Today please allow us to introduce a popular product – PVC Steel Wire Hose.


  • The hose is common in the foodstuff and sanitation fields. It’s also the premium hose used for sucking and conveying water, oil, petrol and powder in the industry, agriculture, engineering.
  • The hose can be used for conveying milk, beverage, distilled liquor, beer, jam and other foods.
  • We can also insert the cooper wire into the hose. This hose can avoid the flowing block due to the static,and protect users from getting electric shock or current impingement.


  • This hose, with spiral steel wire embedded, is light, transparent and with small bending radius. It functions well in the conditions of cold weather and negative pressure.
  • Under high pressure or vacuum condition, it keeps shape’s stability.
  • It could be more beautiful by printing colorful symbol lines on the surface.


  • Size: 5/16″ ~ 8″
  • Weight: 0.13kg/m ~ 11kg/m
  • Working Temperature: -10℃ ~ +70℃


Layflat Water Discharge Hose

Sunhose Hot-Selling Products(PVC Layflat Hose)

It is widely used for agricultural, construction, mining, and industrial industries, marine servicce applications, Limited oil and chemical application. 

  • Excellent quality
  • Competitive price
  • Diverse size & color
  • Awesome service
  • Rich experience
  • Professional manufacturer
layflat pvc hose

Unique High-Strength PVC Layflat Hose


  • PVC Layflat hose is a tough water discharge hose.
  • We choose high strength polyester filament and premium PVC as material and our advanced technique is one-step-extrusion. The filament is successively winded, regularly parted and coated by PVC once.
  • Moreover, the high strength polyester filament provides great durability and strength in all working situations, it is highly durable while maintaining great flexibility and best suited for low medium pressure applications.


  • PVC Layflat Hose is an ideal product used for agriculture irrigation, forestry sprinkler irrigation, construction project, industrial and mining enterprise. 
  • It is designed for light and heavy-duty applications, and most commonly used in agricultural equipment where continuous water flow through irrigation systems is required. Additional uses include a water pump, pool & spa, construction, mines, and marine.


  • Size: 1/4″-16″
  • Working pressure:1-11bar
  • Weight: 0.15-6kg/m
  • Length: 50-100m/coil

Get more, please see the following document-PVC layflat Hose.


  • Attractive appearance, light weight, flexible texture;
  • High strength, acid & alkali resistant, ageing resistant, anti-abrasion, stretching resistant, anti-wrinkle;
  • High brust-pressure, long service life, easy use & storage;
  • Non-toxic, environmental.



PVC Hose Tube Formula

PVC Hose Tube Formula

Many PVC formulations, including foam board, ecological wood, GB and non-standard pipe fittings, heat shrinkable film, cables, etc., are welcome to pay attention, and everyone is welcome to share the good things to share. The following formula is for reference only.

First, the drainage pipe formula (high calcium)

1. pvc 100, heavy calcium 200, synthetic heavy calcium 50, composite lead salt stabilizer 5.6, stearic acid 1.8, paraffin 0.3, CPE10, titanium dioxide 3.6

2. PVC 100,300 mesh calcium 50, 80 mesh calcium 150, stearic acid 0.8, paraffin 0.55, compound lead salt stabilizer 4-5, CPE 4

3, PVC 100, heavy calcium 125, light calcium 125, stabilizer 6.2, paraffin 1.5, stearic acid 1.3, titanium dioxide 4, CPE 10, PE wax 0.3, brightener 0.03

4, PVC 100, heavy calcium 250, light calcium 50, stearic acid 2.4, paraffin 2.6, CPE 6, lead salt stabilizer 5.0

5, PVC 100, stearic acid 1.0, paraffin 0.8, lead salt stabilizer 4.6, heavy calcium 200

6. PVC 100, light calcium 25, lead salt stabilizer 3.5, monoglyceride 1.1, PE wax 0.3, stearic acid 0.2, processing aid ACR 1.5, paraffin 0.35, titanium dioxide 1.5, ultramarine 0.02, brightener 0.02

Second, the drain (low calcium)

1. PVC 100, lead and salt compound stabilizer 3.5, light calcium 5, PE wax 0.15, stearic acid 0.2, CPE 3-6, processing aid ACR 1.0-2.0, titanium dioxide 2-4, suitable whitening agent

2, PVC 100, light calcium 30, stabilizer 3.2, paraffin 0.6, stearic acid 0.4, titanium dioxide 1, CPE 5, brightener 0.02

Third, medical plastic pipe PVC formula

PVC Resin 50, Tetraoctyl Phthalic Acid 35.52, Epoxy Soybean Oil 1.89, Stearate 0.15, Ca/Za Complex 0.048, Glycerol 0.048, Lubricant 0.026

PVC Reinforced Hose tube formula

No. Material name Added amount
1 SG-5 50
2 CACO3 20
3 stabilizer 1.5
4 CPE 4
5 Stearic acid 1801 0.2
6 PE wax 0.2
7 Titanium Dioxide 0.5
8 OB-1 0.015

Pvc threading pipe:

PVC100, light calcium 50, lead salt stabilizer 3.6, CPE 4.8, paraffin 0.3, stearic acid 0.8, titanium dioxide 0.8


PVC transparent hose

1, non-toxic transparent hose (1)

PVC 100 DOP 45 ESBO 5 di-n-octyltin laurate 2 calcium-zinc compound stabilizer 1

2, transparent hose [2]

PVC 100 Epoxy Plasticizer 5 DOP 30 Organic Tin 1.5 DBP 10 Barium Stearate, Cadmium 1 DOA 5

3, transparent hose [2]

PVC 100 ESBO 5 DOP 45 Niobium-cadmium liquid stabilizer 2

4, transparent hose [2]

PVC 100 Zinc stearate 0.05 Cadmium stearate 1 DOP 28

Barium stearate 0.4 DBP 18 Lead stearate 0.1 Decolorizing agent

5, transparent hose [3]

PVC 100 MBS 5~10 DOP 30 C-102 3

DBP 15 HSt 0.3

6, non-toxic blood vessels [3]

PVC 100 ESBO 5 DOP 45 HSt 0.5 AlSt 0.5 ZnSt 0.5 Paraffin 0.2

7, transparent garden watering pipe [4]

PVC 100 DOP 40 ED3 10 Beryllium-cadmium liquid stabilizer 1

Chelating agent 0.3 stearic acid 0.3

8. Transparent tube for beverages [4]

PVC 100 DOP (or DOA) 50 Calcium-Zinc Liquid Stabilizer 3 Stearic Acid 0.5

PVC water supply pipe:

PVC100, compound lead salt stabilizer 2.27, paraffin 0.1, PE wax 0.13, stearic acid 0.3, monoglyceride 0.5, CPE3, ACR1.0, light calcium 40, titanium dioxide 1.0


PVC pipe fittings formula

PVC (SG-7) 100, Thermal Stabilizer 4.5, DOP 3.0, 1.5, Polyethylene Wax 0.6 Internal Lubricant 0.4, Lightweight (CaCO3) 25


Where can I buy PVC lay flat hoses?

Where can I buy PVC lay flat hoses?
PVC Lay flat hoses, agricultural water hoses are used in agricultural irrigation. PVC Lay flat hose is a kind of high-strength polyester and high-quality PVC synthetic material as raw material; light weight, good flexibility, bright color, smooth coating; semi-easily rolled, easy to move, unlimited length; low-temperature water can maintain the tube Soft, flexible; High-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, is the ideal water-saving irrigation tool in China, saving water, saving energy, increasing production, saving costs, easy to use, prevent Soil erosion and soil alkalinization and other features.

Our company’s PVC lay flat hoses are available in sizes from 1′, 1-1/4′, 1-1/2′, 2′, 2-1/2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 8′, 10′, and 12′ are all there. Standard duty, heavy duty, ROHS standard,REACH standard. We can produce it as customer’s requirements. The coated hose is widely used in agricultural and forestry irrigation auxiliary equipment and is suitable for transporting liquid at low temperature or medium temperature and high pressure.

Working temperature: -5℃ to 65℃.
PVC lay flat hose is our main product.Please feel free to contact us.