Flexible PVC Shower Hose

PVC Shower Hose is also called PVC Shower Hose, PVC Bathroom Hose, Bathroom Shower Hose, Bath Shower Hose etc. which is designed for shower and sanitary wares.
The PVC Shower Hose is used as accessory for shower and sanitary wares. It is specially designed to convey water for showering, so you can safely choose this hose for use in the bathroom.
The shower hose is flexible, durable, non-toxic, adaptable to high temperature under high pressure conditions, long lasting, and the length is different.
Temperature Range: -5°C-65°C

Inner Diameter  Outer Diameter Weight W.P.(at 23ºC) Std Length
inch mm inch mm kg/m bar psi m ft
3/8 9 0.551 14 0.122 20 300 100 300

shower hose

pvc shower hose