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Sunhose Profile

Workshop of PVC Hose and Rubber Hose

How Layflat Hose to be produced?

Comparative testing of Layflat hose quality

Testing the burst pressure of layflat hose

Testing the burst pressure of rubber air/water hose

How PVC Steel Wire Reinforced Hose to be produced?

How Hydraulic Rubber Hose to be produced?

Blue Layflat Water Hose production

The material of layflat hose and Production

PVC Steel Wire Hose material and manufacturing

How PVC Spiral Suction Hose to be produced?

How Clear PVC Reinforced Hose to be Produced?

Clear PVC Hose, Flexible Reinforced Hose  production

How PVC Braided Hose to be produced?


General purpose corrugated & smooth suction hose

PVC Steel Wire Hose Production